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20 Years Advising Clients 

"My journey has been one filled with life lessons, experiences, and professional education.  I have taught over 5,000 students in my workshops, classrooms, and online webinars.  I am passionate in my pursuit to grow others in the area of all their financial matters"

A Solutions Provider Evolved
Ever since I could remember I have always wanted to help people become better. My Wealth Building Buckets Strategy takes a person who wants to grow to the next level financially.  They could be just starting out, or wanting to establish retirement income, the Win-When Strategy helps people win, when it seems like they are losing.  Some people think taxes are a reason why they are losing, some people think lack of income is the reason.  I can help you no matter where you are at.
Planning Solutions

I created the "My Retirement Exit" platform to take clients from a novice of not understanding their retirement plan to an expert with my assistance. I use a sophisticated retirement planning software to determine social security and retirement income cash flow needs. 
Financial Money Management
I am registered, licensed, educated, and have extensive experience at managing all types of portfolios. Mutual Funds, Stocks, CD's, and can consult on many insurance and annuity products as well. 
Wealth Building & Legacy Planning
I have developed a wealth building and distribution program using "The Wealth Building Buckets", which use the core buckets of managing Taxes, Building Income, and leaving a legacy. Pre-Tax, After Tax, and Self directed solutions to manage any lifestyle. 
It was the "Revenue Act of 1978" that started it all  This Act also added section 401 paragraph (K) and better know as the "410k" to the internal Revenue Code. READ WHY I HATE YOUR 401K
What you do in your retirement account really depends on where you are at in your retirement window.  If you are a year out then you should start locking. READ MARKET CORRECTION
Some people say that one of the biggest decisions a retiree can make is deciding on when is the right time to draw social security. In my opinion, this is in the most important decisions. READ WHY IT COULD COST YOU
An overview of tax free bonds might not mean that the bonds are tax free.  Some tax free bonds are tax free and some are not. Some companies may need to raise money and they may need bonds. READ IF THEY ARE TAX FREE 
Books Now Available!
"How I avoided the 5 Most Critical Mistakes" is a book that is currently available on amazon in electronic book or audible formats. This book shares some of the most critical mistakes after interviewing more than 100 of my former and current clients on mistakes they avoided.
"How Do You Win, When It Seems Like You Are Losing" is my upcoming book, summer 2019.  This book outlines how I became a stock broker managing million dollar portfolios and how I learned how to use all assets from every account in a persons household to purchase real estate.  
Financial Growth Strategies using Stocks, Bonds, & Real Estate
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